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"Most of us have heard or read about mindfulness by now. But what does the term actually mean, and how does one change and begin living mindfully? Morris Cohen has been studying and practicing mindfulness for thirty years. In Wake Up To Your Higher Self, he not only gives a comprehensive explanation of what mindfulness is all about, he also provides clear, easy-to-follow steps and exercises to help those interested in mindfulness become proficient at the practice. ."

-Ron Sellers, Publisher, Sellers Publishing, Inc

"I have been studying qi gong with Murray Cohen for three years. His methods are simple and inspirational. I have learned to use mindfulness to help calm my anxieties and focus on living each day with awareness and joy It is a life changer. "

-Leslie Evans Leslie Evans Design

"I've been practicing Qi Gong and mindfulness with Murray for 3 + years. What started as a "try it out activity" turned into a meaningful life process. I'm hooked! It's taught me how to Enjoy the moment and Welcome all things, even those crazy little voices in my head! Murray is a master communicator and passionate about sharing his ideas with others. He truly wants all of us to find our higher self. I hope his book takes you there..... "

-Elizabeth Dymowski Retired CPA and Worlwide Controller, Fortune 500 Company

"It has been a pleasure working with Murray Cohen on the graphic design, layout and especially illustrations for his book “Wake Up to Your Higher Self”. The mindfulness message and activities have enhanced my own spiritual growth and have had a very positive and lasting effect on my life. I also had the opportunity to take part in many Qigong sessions and found them to be incredibly calming and enlightening. I highly recommend this book and the Qigong meditation practice. "

~ Donna Stackhouse

" I have had the privilege of working with Murray for the past five years. He has taught me all I know about Mindfulness during this time - frame. It has literally changed my life. I have fought Clinical Depression for more than fifty years and this is the single greatest relief I have found outside of prescription medication. Murray and Mindfulness have absolutely made my life much happier. "

- Joe Miller

"Murray is an outstanding instructor. Teaching me to change my "program" into being more aware, observing and having lovely peaceful moments. "

-Nan Currie

"Often our lives seem to get rather chaotic, whether with family or outside influences, and we can feel that we have no control over how that affects us as it all transpires. Murray Cohen introduced me to his Mindful Meditation classes a couple of years ago, and although I am still a "work in progress", his classes have brought awareness and calm to my life. His clearly spoken explanations and dedication to teaching the philosophy of his practice has been an amazing learning process. "

- Karen Penchuk

"I am definitely a novice in the practice but feel that I have made great improvement this summer. Mindfulness meditation gives me a sense of peace, awareness and a quiet place inside to help me deal with a serious illness. Murray is a gracious teacher always happy to answer questions and explain everything. "

-Lora Hamrick

"Taking the Mindfulness class under Murray Cohen has benefited me in several ways. I am able to focus and comprehend conversations much better. The breathing techniques help me release stress and I can sleep better. Ultimately, my life will be better for it. Thanks Murray! "

-Todd Porter

"“I’m very impressed with what Morris Cohen has woven together in helping us shift to a level of consciousness so urgently needed in the world today.”"

-By Randy Schenkat, Director, Winona, MN. Council for Quality


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