Life is a continuous series of events and experiences.

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2018

Life is a continuous series of events and experiences. Most of us enter into the experience with a backpack of baggage. Our thoughts control everything we do, say, and feel. Our thoughts emanate from our mental conditioning (programs). These programs have “baggage” embedded in them. This baggage consists of opinions, assumptions, judgments, expectations, desires, fears, envy, jealousy, discontent, comparison, impatience, hatred, prejudice, and a host of others. Therefore we really do not experience what is really happening. Our baggage blinds us to the reality of what is. We react based upon this baggage. We are not choosing to act based upon reality. All of our choices are sub optimal due to our failure to see the totality of what is happening. If the experience does not match up to our program we create stress for ourselves. Stress, in turn, creates unhappiness and illness in our bodies. Our decisions are faulty. These faulty decisions create future problems. All of the above is a domino effect created by a turbulent mind that is controlled by our programs. The tragedy is that we are unaware all this is even happening. The first step we need to take in order to free ourselves is to develop a quite mind that can mindfully observe and manage our thoughts.

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