How does your life really work? Part 2

In the first of this series of four articles we looked at Events and talked about Quieting your Mind.

Why quiet your mind?

It’s about Whole Brain thinking

When your programs are in charge it is equivalent to being partially blind,

You are experiencing only a slice of reality

Expectations, demands, opinions, judgements, fears, envy, comparison (ie your baggage) obstruct and prevent your brain from experiencing what is really happening.

If your mind is quiet you will observe the event or situation without your baggage blocking your view of reality as it is.

Your brain will be free of its baggage and therefore able to present you with all available options and choose the best option that will result in the best result.

The bottom line is for you to quiet your mind so that you free your brain to perform at its optimal capacity.

You have this wonderful brain.

Why not learn to use it to enable you to live a happy, successful life.

If your mind is quiet your Mindful Energy will observe the event or situation, including all options available, and choose the best options that will result in the best outcome.

You get emotionally upset after the action has occurred. It’s not logical to get upset because the event has already occurred. However, your prior conditioning has set you up to get upset.

You can, however, choose to handle the situation from this point on with a clear quiet mind.

The optimal way to experience your life is without programs.

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