How does your Life really work? Part 3

In the first of this series of four articles we looked at Events and in the second article we talked about Quieting your Mind.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

  • Do I want to experience reality as it is?
  • Or my own illusionary interpretation of reality?

If you choose your own illusionary interpretation then you are setting yourself up for the stress and conflict that occurs when your mental models do not match up with reality.

If you observe the event non-judgementally without brining any baggage or interference then you can enjoy whatever is happening and with the ability to handle and optimise any situation with a clear mind.


Is your experience created by outside events or how you choose to perceive them?


Your mind is creating your experience usually based upon your existing programming.

  • What is taking place outside does not create your experience
  • What other people say or do does not create your experience

You cannot control how another person will act but you can control how you act:

  • Do you want to react through the filter of your programs?
  • Do you want to exercise your freewill and free yourself from your programs?
  • Do you want to act as a robot?

You do not have control over outside events but you can control how you experience these events.


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