Awareness - Part 1

awareness Aug 20, 2018

The dictionary defines “awareness” as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact”.

I define “caught up” as being totally absorbed in an activity or situation without knowing you are totally absorbed ( to the exclusion of everything else going on around you or mentally inside you). Therefore you are not aware.

For example: you can watch a movie or TV program two ways:
(1)    Being “caught up” in the movie to the extent of not realizing you are sitting in your chair watching the movie, or
(2)    Watching the same movie, still enjoying it, but also simultaneously aware you are sitting in your chair watching the movie. This usually happens when the movie is not too interesting.

The difference between getting “caught up” in your activity or situation and being aware (knowing) of what you are doing and thinking during your activity or situation is that being caught up reduces your observation into a very narrow mental space. Being caught up does not allow you to see and observe the totality of the situation. You miss the details and clues a more aware state of mind can see. You do not allow the intelligence of the body and brain to assist you. Therefore you cannot change your actions to optimize your decisions and to optimize the outcome of the situation.

When you are caught up your programs (mental conditioning) limit your awareness due to the interference of the baggage these programs contain. i.e.  Judgments, opinions, concepts, expectations, desires, etc. When you are not aware you are being controlled by your programs that were placed in your brain by other people. Do you want to live your life as a puppet or do you want to have free will?


(1)    Quiet your mind: go to Chapter Three, Meditation, page 53, in my book. Practice whichever form of Meditation that appeals to you.
(2)    Use everyday tasks to connect to your Awareness: say “I know” as you walk or wash a dish or drink a glass of water. Notice the difference in your awareness level when you say “I know”.
(3)    When you watch a TV program remind yourself that you are sitting in your chair watching the program. Notice how quickly your awareness slips away.
(4)    Use the “tools” section in my book. Try one tool a day, throughout the day, and see which tool does the best job for you

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