Yoga can reduce stress's effect on the body at a cellular level

research Nov 27, 2018

This article medically reinforces what happens at a cellular level when you follow my program to reduce stress in your life.

Murray Cohen


Yoga can reduce stress's effect on the body at a cellular level


By Drs. Eve Glazier and Elizabeth Ko


Dear Doctors: I'm one of those Type A people who's pretty much always stressed out. My wife got me to try yoga about six months ago and I'll admit, I do feel better.


Now our local TV station has reported that yoga and meditation might actually be changing my genes. How can that be?


Dear Reader: First, congratulations on trying something new (we know it's not always easy) to improve your quality of life.


The day that you stretched and visualized and breathed deep for the first time, you joined a growing groundswell of interest into yoga and meditation as avenues to enhanced well-being. A nationwide survey three years ago found that between 2002 and 2015, the number of adults who regularly...

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Awareness - Part Two

awareness Aug 24, 2018

This is the second of two articles on Awareness. You can read the first article here


Awareness impacts everything. Awareness is Power and Intelligence. We must tie Awareness with the Objects of Awareness in order to access its Power and Intelligence. Most of the time our attention is only on the Objects of Awareness. Without Awareness we would not be alive or have the ability to sense anything.

When you quiet your mind notice what comes in. That “noticing” is the outer edge of Awareness. The more you quiet your mind the more access you have to Awareness.


Awareness offers you the opportunity to awaken to all your six senses. Most of us only use five senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching). The sixth sense is the mental sense of knowing. Awareness is the door to awakening your sixth sense.


(1)    So that you can view reality as it...

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Awareness - Part 1

awareness Aug 20, 2018

The dictionary defines “awareness” as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact”.

I define “caught up” as being totally absorbed in an activity or situation without knowing you are totally absorbed ( to the exclusion of everything else going on around you or mentally inside you). Therefore you are not aware.

For example: you can watch a movie or TV program two ways:
(1)    Being “caught up” in the movie to the extent of not realizing you are sitting in your chair watching the movie, or
(2)    Watching the same movie, still enjoying it, but also simultaneously aware you are sitting in your chair watching the movie. This usually happens when the movie is not too interesting.

The difference between getting “caught up” in your activity or situation and being aware (knowing) of what you are doing and thinking during your activity or situation is that being caught up reduces your observation into a...

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How Does your Life Really Work? Part 4

In articles one, two and three of this series of four I talked about Events, Quieting your mind and how you experience reality.

My basic premise for writing the “Wake up to Your Higher Self” workbook is to express my belief that we have two choices to make in life.

I believe these are:

  • You allow your thoughts to control you


  • You quiet your mind, thereby removing interference which allows your brain to function effortlessly at its optimal capacity and inherent creativity.

Your thinking controls everything you do and feel; all your actions, reactions, emotions and perceptions.


Your thoughts emanate from your mental conditioning or what I call Programs. They contain what I call Baggage. You carry this baggage with you into every experience and they interfere and distort all your perceptions (perceptions determine how you experience each event).

Your baggage includes:

  • opinions
  • assumptions
  • judgements
  • expectations
  • desires
  • ...
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How does your Life really work? Part 3

In the first of this series of four articles we looked at Events and in the second article we talked about Quieting your Mind.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

  • Do I want to experience reality as it is?
  • Or my own illusionary interpretation of reality?

If you choose your own illusionary interpretation then you are setting yourself up for the stress and conflict that occurs when your mental models do not match up with reality.

If you observe the event non-judgementally without brining any baggage or interference then you can enjoy whatever is happening and with the ability to handle and optimise any situation with a clear mind.


Is your experience created by outside events or how you choose to perceive them?


Your mind is creating your experience usually based upon your existing programming.

  • What is taking place outside does not create your experience
  • What other people say or do does not create your experience

You cannot control how another person will...

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How does your life really work? Part 2

In the first of this series of four articles we looked at Events and talked about Quieting your Mind.

Why quiet your mind?

It’s about Whole Brain thinking

When your programs are in charge it is equivalent to being partially blind,

You are experiencing only a slice of reality

Expectations, demands, opinions, judgements, fears, envy, comparison (ie your baggage) obstruct and prevent your brain from experiencing what is really happening.

If your mind is quiet you will observe the event or situation without your baggage blocking your view of reality as it is.

Your brain will be free of its baggage and therefore able to present you with all available options and choose the best option that will result in the best result.

The bottom line is for you to quiet your mind so that you free your brain to perform at its optimal capacity.

You have this wonderful brain.

Why not learn to use it to enable you to live a happy, successful life.

If your mind is quiet your Mindful Energy will...

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How does your life really work?

Life is a series of Events.

How you experience each Event determines the quality of your life.

Your mental models (programs) determine your thinking, emotions and perceptions.

Perception determines how you experience each Event.

Your emotions and actions are determined by your perceptions.


You have two choices.

  • Allow your programs to determine your choices


  • Quiet your mind and take charge of managing your programs so that you can choose to Act rather than React.




The control of your emotions and reactions rests entirely with you, not the situation, not the other people and not your own thoughts

You can experience

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Negative emotions

Or you can experience

  • Happiness, laughter
  • Creativity
  • Positive emotions

It’s your choice

  • You can react from your programming
  • Or choose to act from your free will


Find about more about how your life really works at ...

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Life is a continuous series of events and experiences.

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2018

Life is a continuous series of events and experiences. Most of us enter into the experience with a backpack of baggage. Our thoughts control everything we do, say, and feel. Our thoughts emanate from our mental conditioning (programs). These programs have “baggage” embedded in them. This baggage consists of opinions, assumptions, judgments, expectations, desires, fears, envy, jealousy, discontent, comparison, impatience, hatred, prejudice, and a host of others. Therefore we really do not experience what is really happening. Our baggage blinds us to the reality of what is. We react based upon this baggage. We are not choosing to act based upon reality. All of our choices are sub optimal due to our failure to see the totality of what is happening. If the experience does not match up to our program we create stress for ourselves. Stress, in turn, creates unhappiness and illness in our bodies. Our decisions are faulty. These faulty decisions create future problems. All of...

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